Does The Ringmaster really exist? Of course not. Like all of the characters in the story, I created him out of nothing but my over-active imagination. And since he's not real, I've agreed to allow him the opportunity to create and sell his own guild of fallen clowns figures on this website.

I figured I had nothing to lose in letting him run with his idea. After all, it's just a story... right??? And even if it were something more than a story, what harm could his sculptures do to people? It was Alan's blood in the molds which brought the evil clown spirits to life. Alan destroyed the molds. Ringmaster thinks he's fooling me by using cut up pieces of the original molds with Alan's blood in them as filler for his new molds. What he doesn't realize is that I didn't write about that in the story. Therefore, they shouldn't have any powers in his figures. That sounds logical, doesn't it? Besides, if I learn that anyone is getting hurt by his figures, I'll pull the plug immediately.

Why am I even negotiating with a fictional character in the first place? He's not real. None of them are real.

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    Francis Xavier

    Haunted by the increasing doubts that come with age, I abandoned my previous life as a dreamer with dozens of unfinished projects, and a head full of ideas to begin writing my novel. Inspired by ideas which came from thin air, I continued to write until the book was finished.

    Who I am, and where my life was before is unimportant. I am just the messenger of this story.


    October 2011