SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't read the book, DO NOT READ MY BLOG!!! It will give away the ending. We hate those people without patience. Back off, or I might have to bring Peepers out of retirement. You don't know what that means do you? Of course not, you haven't read the frickin' book!

My name is The Ringmaster. Yes, "The" is my legal, yet fictional first name, but beyond that, the author got everything else wrong about me. He painted me out to be a weasley control freak, who thinks everyone was out to get me. These are all lies! He may have "created" me, but that doesn't mean he knows who The Ringmaster is on the inside. In an effort to correct his distorted depiction of me, I created this blog to set the record straight.

First of all, I changed my name to 'The Ringmaster' as a tribute to my deceased father. I wear his old Ringmaster uniform in honor.  Cracky and Alan belittle me because they fear me. They know I have great potential and in their weak minds, it's easier to mock me than face the truth of my greatness. And they think I'm paranoid? Look in the mirror gentlemen! Oh that's right, Alan is afraid of mirrors. He won't dare to step foot inside MY Haunted Labyrinth of Mirrors again.

That's right! I said "My" Haunted Labyrinth of Mirrors. Now that Peepers was cast out, and Geno killed himself to take his position, I run the place. The author made it look like I was scared to be inside the labyrinth. Well, if that was true, how would I have the courage to take over and run the show? Like I said, the book was all wrong about me. And now that I'm in charge, I'm going to use my considerable sculpting talents to help the members of MY guild. And, unlike the job Alan started, my new guild won't kill people. We are about helping people overcome their fears in more constructive ways. Some people might resist the guilds help. That would be unwise. We won't kill them, like Alan and Peepers did, but lets just say it will go easier for them to follow our rules and comply with the clowns instructions. In time, I will reverse the maligned perceptions of me, and the world will view me as the most powerful and just leader of all time.

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    The Ringmaster

    Don't get ahead of yourself. Refer to the spoiler alert to the left.

    There isn't a picture of me because apparently, I don't really exist. I'm told that I'm just a fictional character from the book, "The Guild of Fallen Clowns". I don't know if this is true or not, but one thing I do know is that since Peepers was cast from the guild and Geno died, the guild is mine. I am the guilds mortal leader and Geno reports to me now from the other side. Under my control, things are about to change. Alan was nothing compared to me. I have more talent in my pinky than he has in his entire body. If anyone is fictional around here, it's him. His story was just the beginning. Wait till you see what The Ringmaster has in store for The Guild of Fallen Clowns.


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