While you were reading our story, you unknowingly opened a doorway for the guild to see what's in your head. We know what makes you tick. We know your greatest fears. We know who you are at the deepest level of your existence. We watched as you learned about us, always staying out of sight until now.

As you know, FX fulfilled his obligation to us in bringing our story to life. He is no longer haunted by the guild. Our control over him is limited and he currently shows little interest in increasing our popularity by writing my story. While this angers myself and the guild, we honor our agreement and will not exert our "influence" on him any longer.

Fortunately, FX is no longer needed to further our cause. Through his writings the guild has been building a force of replacements. Each reader of our story will be called on to bring attention to The Guild of Fallen Clowns. We thrive on attention and adherence to our rules. The time has come for us to collect. Some of you already know what we want from you. Others will be contacted in your dreams. In the darkness of night you will receive instructions. Please do us all a favor and obey these instructions.

Also: I should tell you that the guild doesn't make their wishes clear. For FX, Peepers appeared outside his two story bedroom window in the middle of the night. He was quietly juggling invisible balls as he stared into FX's single open eye. He disappeared without saying a word, but FX knew what he needed to do. Your message will likely be just as vague. It might take you some time to figure it out. The only thing you must know is that the message must never be interpreted as instructions for you to cause harm to any person or animal. The guild has enough crazies. If you have the propensity for violence, they already know this and will not ask for your help. We aren't interested in dealing with nut jobs so take a hike freak.

Disclaimer: The Guild of Fallen Clowns is a fictional story. While it is true that FX did see a dark figure that he based the Peepers character on, he realizes that it was just his mind tricking him during that state between sleep and wake. And the fact that shortly after that experience he discovered a talent for sculpting is purely coincidental. The Alan character is not based on FX's life. FX never worked at a pizza shop and he doesn't even like clowns so he'd never become a part time carnival clown, or any other type of clown. He doesn't even play computer games. Lastly, I, The Ringmaster don't exist. So whatever I'm telling you in this blog is purely fictitious bull shit. I'm not even FX's alter ego, or a multiple personality hidden deep within him. As a matter of fact, this blog doesn't exist. Forget everything you think you read here because none of it is real and you're probably just losing your mind. Just don't hurt anyone or do anything stupid based on what you read (or think you read) here.

Long live Happy McGiggles!

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    The Ringmaster

    Don't get ahead of yourself. Refer to the spoiler alert to the left.

    There isn't a picture of me because apparently, I don't really exist. I'm told that I'm just a fictional character from the book, "The Guild of Fallen Clowns". I don't know if this is true or not, but one thing I do know is that since Peepers was cast from the guild and Geno died, the guild is mine. I am the guilds mortal leader and Geno reports to me now from the other side. Under my control, things are about to change. Alan was nothing compared to me. I have more talent in my pinky than he has in his entire body. If anyone is fictional around here, it's him. His story was just the beginning. Wait till you see what The Ringmaster has in store for The Guild of Fallen Clowns.


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